Nowadays, there are over 200 breeds of domestic sheep around the world and one of the oldest breed, Karakul has a strong history behind, dating back to 1400 B.C in Persia. Archaeologists found evidence that indicates that this type of breed was present on the ancient Babylonian temples. Most people choose Karakul because its important benefits – they are a source of milk, meat, tallow and wool.

Karakul and its breed characteristics

Karakul breed, also named Qaraqul after a city in Uzbekistan, Bukhara Province and have impressive traits. Throughout time, the rough conditions where they develop has given strong and lasting teeth, and they are known for their ability to survive in extreme conditions. One of the most important traits of this breed is the resistance to internal parasites. Besides, Karakul sheep does not demand a special environment to be raised they can withstand both hot and cold weather. It is well-known the fact that ewes are the most protective mothers and they have a mild nature. In general, they can give birth to three lambs in two years. This type of breed is known for their unusual characteristics such as the fat tail. They are very playful and obedient with they handlers they know. Seems like this breed is one of the few that can have variable ear sizes (ranging from elf size about one to two inches).

Some interesting facts you should know about Karakul

  • ”Persian Lamb” is a term which is often used to describe the skin of the young lamb with hair in knuckled curls;
  • ”Broadtail Lamb″ is used to name the skin of a very young lamb of Karakul sheep which is born prematurely;
  • Another term frequently used is „Persian-broadtail Lamb″ and refers to the skin of a very young lamb with hair in smoothed knuckled curls with a moire pattern;
  • The pelt from Karakul breed can be harvested from very young or even unborn lambs. In order to keep their black colour and tight coils of fur, the lambs must be under three days old;
  • They developed an incredible surviving instinct because of the anatomic characteristics – they can store fat in their tails. Central Asian Cuisine and Arab countries appreciate the distinctive texture and flavour which is found in the fat of their tails.

Karakul sheep flock sale

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