While fall is awaiting us, how can someone just forget jerky? For most of the people, fall time is jerky time!

Well, if you too are one of them, this article on healthy and tasty beef jerky recipe will surely captivate you and inspire you to make different jerky recipes! So, go ahead and start planning!

Hot and sweet jerky

This recipe resembles to the one that most people use every year. It includes liquid smoke, brown sugar, and other such delicious spices. The thing that makes it more tempting is smoky flavour that is brought out in meat! It brings spicy and sweet flavours to your table!

Coffee Jerky Marinade

Most of the people regardless of age and country love coffee! We are sure you too are one of them, right? So, give your jerky that light hint of coffee combined with liquid smoke and see the result! Just make sure to add other such tasty spices like cumin and paprika.

Sweet cherry beef jerky

While this may first sound a bit odd for beef jerky choice, it is in fact a delicious mixture and your taste buds are surely going to love it! After all, where is the rule that all of the jerky requires being spicy?

This recipe includes almond extract, sweet cherries, and sugar. It can be high protein sweet snack whenever and wherever needed!

Pineapple Beef Jerky

Till now you have never even thought adding pineapple to beef jerky recipe, but someone actually tried it and it really ended up being quite delicious! So, if you have some pineapple juice or crushed pineapple around, make sure to try this recipe and make some delicious jerky.

Spicy garlic jerky

If you love garlic or are just even fond of it, you will definitely love this recipe. Even if you don’t prefer garlic, but like beer, then too you will surely be going to like it. Beer and garlic will definitely set your mood for the day!

Low carb beef jerky

Many people follow low carb diet for many reasons. It just makes them feel much better. However, there are very few snacks to be categorized into low carb diet. Well, jerky surely comes into this. It is filling and delicious as well. In case you follow low carb diet as well, you too will love to try it out!

Beef jerky is considered to be most desirable and popular kind of jerky with more and more people across the world becoming tempted in their tastes. Try out the above recipes and you are surely going to love it!