What happens when you tell your mother (or father, for that matter) that you don’t like ‘kaddu’? She/he still tries to shove it down your throat. Because healthy food makes your immune system stronger and face brighter! If the thought of eating kaddu for the rest of your life is upsetting, fret not. There are many healthy foods that can bring out the glow without killing your taste buds.

Marriage is perhaps the most important day in anybody’s life. It’s a life-altering moment where everybody wishes to look fabulous. Since it’s such a big day, the whole world has tips and tricks for you- right from makeup, glow to married life conduct. But what if you could glow from within on your most important day? Well, you certainly can.

Here are the top foods that give you the perfect glow:

Add Antioxidants to your daily food

Indian Gooseberries or Amla is known to clean your system and give you a glowing skin.

Tomatoes:  They are easily available, tasty and a rich source of Vitamin c. They help in protecting the skin from harsh sunlight and also help fight wrinkles.

Matcha tea: It rejuvenates skin cells and prevents dry and flaky skin. It’s also a rich source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E Rich Foods:

Having loads of Vit E food helps protect cell membranes. They also shield you from harmful UV rays


Apart from adding a natural glow, protein adds strength to your system. The stronger you’re on the inside, the better you’re on the outside.

Raw Veggies:

Uncooked veggies are packed with a host of nutrients and minerals that not just add to the glow but also make your system stronger. You can even have them in juice forms to change things up a bit.

Fresh Fruits:

You must include at least 3 portions of fresh fruits in your diet for that parlor-like glow! What’s more, you can even rub the skin of a papaya on your face for an instant fix.


From pumpkin to almonds, load up on seeds and dry fruits that help boost the blood flow in the body, making your skin shine.

Fatty fish:

Filled with omega 3, these act as natural glowing agent for your skin. In fact, fish also makes your hair thicker and shinier.

Also, know foods that you should avoid during this marriage season which help you to glow and stay fit and healthy without