Selling fruits and veggies under a retail label isn’t the easiest form of business, mainly because we are talking about perishable goods here. Things are even more complicated when it comes to organic produce, because there are limited suppliers and producers, and getting access to local producers isn’t always viable for retailers. That’s exactly why most of the exotic and organic foods are sold as frozen. This is also where you can think of private labeling. In this post, we take a look at private labeling with regards to organic fruits and veggies.

What exactly is private labeling?

For the uninitiated, private labeling is the process, where goods or products sold by one manufacturer is sold by another retailer under their own label. Private-label products are everywhere, and the concept ensures profits for both retailers and manufacturer (or producers). As a retailer, you don’t need to invest in the initial setup or bother about related aspects of production. Everything is systematically organized, and you can ask help for packaging, as well. For the wholesaler/producer, it is all about economies of scale and establishing control on the market as a singular supplier. The practice is rather rampant in the food industry, and you have brands like, which specialize organic fruits and veggies, so getting started is a matter of minutes.

Discussing the aspects

Usually, with frozen organic fruits and veggies, there are two major aspects that you need to take note – stocking and packaging. As such, it is important to find a supplier, who has multiple packaging and repackaging centers. They should be able to handle your order and must offer considerable assistance for retailers. Private labeling is a practice where support from the producer is something that matters. You should have the obvious control on the sale and selling prices and must be able to establish your brand of organic foods. While discussing things with a supplier, consider all these pointers and have everything on paper.

Private labeling of frozen fruits and veggies, especially organic produce, isn’t something completely new, but yes, this is a profitable venture idea by all means. Just do the calculations, consider the profit margins and find a supplier who doesn’t cut corners. In case of organic foods, mainly fruits and veggies, testing for pesticide residue is something one cannot ignore. Check online now to find more on suppliers, who offer private labeling for organic frozen foods.