If you are about to tie the knot very soon, you may need some help in planning for a pre-dinner

Wedding party. It is important for any groom and his family to make a good and lasting impression on this particular event. However, if it’s your first-time planning for this kind of event we would understand the feeling of getting overwhelmed and nervousness at the same time. Do not worry too much, because, in this article, we will take about everything that you need to know about throwing an unforgettable pre-wedding party. We will also make sure that all your loved ones including your family and friends will have a great time at the party. So, these are the things on how to get started.

1.) Personalize the event by making sure to choose an intimate but yet a not so formal setting for your guests to be able to enjoy the dinner in a relaxed at atmosphere. You can contact Grooms Dinner Catering Hastings to ensure that good food and wine will be served to the guests throughout the dinner. You can also hire a live band to play romantic and modern songs to keep all of your guests entertained. Also, do not forget to take this opportunity to connect and bond with the most important people in your life.

2.) Finalize the guest list and make sure that everyone knows all about the even ahead of time. In a traditional setting, the only guests that are usually invited are only the immediate family of your soon to be wife. However, since we want this dinner party to be extra special, you can always invite more people that are close to you and your bride.

You can feel free to include the following people on the guest list:

  • Maid of honor and Groomsmen.
  • Principal and secondary wedding sponsors.
  • Wedding godmothers and godfathers.
  • Flower girls, escorts and ring bearer.
  • Grandparents.
  • Uncles and Aunts.
  • The rest of the people that are close to both the bride and groom. Always keep in mind; the more, the merrier.

3.) Do not forget to look for the best venue serve good food and refreshments during the pre-wedding party. We wanted to make sure that your guests stay happy during the event. Choose a venue that looks elegant but not intimidating at all. Regarding food choices, Grooms Dinner Catering Hastings can take care of this problem by making sure that a choice of good food is served to everyone during dinner. Just keep in mind that the choices should include kid-friendly dishes especially for those who are picky eaters.

4.) Create a space where everybody can hang out and mingle with each other after eating dinner. A common receiving area with comfortable couches, pillows, and chairs would be a good choice and impress your guests more by serving hot drinks such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate plus an assortment of cakes and other pastries. Pretty sure that they will never forget this one of a kind pre-wedding dinner.