A data pool is a gateway that lets you access the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Here, you will find all necessary information exchanged in a consistent manner that helps in performing business transactions between trading partners. It’s the common communication point of the partners that assist in managing the data in a fast, simple and accurate manner. The exchange of information through data pool helps in carrying out the smooth transaction of goods. The data can include product description, category, dimensions, packaging levels, minimum order volume, company address, etc. Suppliers usually upload these data into the data pool which is then passed on to the synchronized retailers. This type of communication is carried out abiding specific rules and regulations as per the business agreement between the partners.

About Attribytes

Attribytes which is a leading cloud-based solutions provider for connecting foodservice companies announced its first-ever foodservice data pool service in the name of Easy Data Pool technology. This platform enables the companies to exchange information via the GS1’s worldwide GDSN. It’s the standard process for capturing and sharing the critical product data like allergens, nutritional information, case specifications, and images. The method of gathering, sharing and managing foodservice data was a considered a Herculean task in every industry even a few years back. The process had to face many challenges in following the GSI standards. Hence, they came up with their product Easy Data Pool Services that will help you as a company to collect and share the best content about any product.

Why Attribytes

Data has always been a sensitive matter. Gathering the required data about your trading partner from your system is not at all a simple process. The process involves specialized resources to which every company doesn’t have access. Attribyte’s foodservice data pool product EASY Data Pool Services ensures that you and your trading partner can easily exchange the data related to any product. Here, are some of the points that justify why you should seek the service of Attribyte:

  • Downloads and reports – With the constant change in the product information, the need to have quick access to the detailed, accurate reports have turned out to be a necessity. Their easy-to-use portal lets you download the status of your data at a time.
  • Easy to access – Some companies have their data stored in a single place and demand for a remote approach to get it in and out of the system. Many others have their data stored in multiple systems and are lost as to how to get started. The expert team at Attribytes’ usually works in hand with your company in the best suitable way to meet the need of you and your trading partner.
  • Outstanding customer care support – The Company believes that top technology should always be enriched with proper technical knowledge and should provide the best customer support. Their Easy Data Pool team has rich experience in GS1 of companies of various sizes, and they have a wide range of capabilities. Whatever be your issue their professional tea is always at your rescue.